Pascol offers genuine and top quality meat from small Italian farms, with the following characteristics:
- Extensive farms with free grazing for cattle and guaranteed excellent levels of animal welfare
- Cattle fed with grass and hay, with possible integration with non-GMO certified cereals for a maximum of 30% of the ration
- Use of farming techniques that minimize the environmental impact
- Total traceability, farm of origin and bovine breed always present on the label
- Superior organoleptic properties of meat and natural taste
Our production chain is certified by the Italian Government and controlled by the DQA, an independent accredited institution.

Within our livestock park we have a large number of cattle breeds including:
- Typically Italian breeds such as Piemontese, particularly hypertrophic and suitable for raw cuts; Grigio Alpina and Valdostana: animals capable of obtaining maximum nourishment from high-altitude pastures and suitable for long cooking cuts;
- Breeds suitable for enhancing mountain pasture such as Angus, extremely resistant to harsh weather, suitable for outdoor grazing all year round and with an excellent degree of marbling of the meat; or the Bruna Alpina perfectly able to move and extricate itself in steep terrain;
- Breeds sought after for their strong taste, enhanced even more by a life in the pasture such as Simmental, Red Spotted, Pinzgauer;
- Crossbreeding such as those between Red Spotted and Belgian blue, to obtain a perfect compromise between flavor and marbling of the meat;
- Many more depending on the availability of our breeders.
The processing of the final product takes place in an industrial plant near Brescia with numerous certifications including:
- BRC certification;
- IFS certification;
- BIO certification;
- Halal certification;
- ISO certification 9001;
- AIC certification.
We are able to offer a totally customized processing of the product according to the needs of our customers, including any type of transformation like:
- vacuum packed half-carcass;
- all quarters of the animal;
- specific anatomical cuts vacuum-packed according to the customer's request;
- single portions of anatomical cuts which, depending on the size, can be skinpacked or vacuum packed.
We rely on various couriers and we are able to organize transport according to the needs of our customers.

The shelf life of the product, from the moment it is shipped, is guaranteed for at least 15 days, with the possibility of being frozen for up to one year.

We make our communication skills available to our partners to enhance branding activities and to convey the value proposition that our product has in a coherent and effective way.

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